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Nu-Flame® Ethanol Fireplace Fuel - 12 x 1 Liter Pack

Nu-Flame® manufactures high quality, clean burning, environmentally responsible ETHANOL fireplace fuel for Ventless Fireplaces.

Receive 12  x  1 liter bottles of cleanest burning ETHANOL fireplace fuel for Ventless Fireplaces on the market today. Enjoy an affordable, clean, and long burning experience for your ethanol fireplace. Why take chances with other brands selling in unprotected bottles having no flame arrestor?

Nu-Flame® ETHANOL fireplace fuel provides you a superior burn for your ethanol  fireplace with no odor, not soot, and no harmful exhaust. And all the safety of a flame arrestor, child resistant cap, and bitterant that prevents small children and pests from accidentally ingesting fuel.